At the age of seven I overcame a life threatening illness.  My mother’s faithful prayers were answered in Spirit.  She was told to fret not about her child, that Ezekiel had been spoken to and he will take care of him.  God’s response to her devoted faithfulness and hope bears witness, and testifies to his goodness and grace. Indeed he rewards them that diligently seek him!     

This ordeal led her to dub me as her miracle child.  My testimony is that the things doctors said I would never be able to do in life, were nullified by God’s word and power.  Manifestation of his will resulted in my healing and a successfully prosperous life.  

My earnest desire is to share these acronyms of personal inspiration and enlightenment that others may profit thereby.  I consider myself a visionary called of God, devoted to help guide the feet of mankind towards the path of righteousness.

Therefore, in simplicity and briefness I aspire to reach out to those who may lack understanding; and introduce them to the infallible hope and salvation that can only be found in the living God.   For he is not the God of the dead, but of the living.