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Herein is an organized list of word acronyms that have been inspirational and enlightening in my life.  I pray the same bountiful results upon all who receive them. Comments are invited, see my blog on the next page.  

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ABC, ABC’S, ABC’S, A Mess, Ace, Ace, Ace, About, Absolutely, Abuse, Abuse, Abuse, Abused, Actors, Addict, Addiction, Addiction, Addiction, Ads, Age, Age, Age, Age, Alfa, Alien, Alien, Aliens, Alike, Alive, Alive, Almighty, Always, America, Ancestry, Anchor, Angel, Answer, Answer, Answer, Are,  Are, Are, Are, Are, Are, Art, Ask, Awesome

Baby, Baby, Babies, Balance, Basic, Beauty, Beauty, Beings, Beings, Beings, Belief, Belief, Believe, Believe, Believe, Believing, Best Deal, Better, Between, Beyond, Beyond, Bibel, Bible, Bible, Bigger, Birth, Birth, Birth, Big Bang, Blame, Blood, Born, Born, Brain, Brains, Brains, Bread, Breath, Breath, Brewing, Broad, Broad, Broad, Brotherly Love

CIA, CEO, Cancer, Care Champion, Champion, Champion, Choice, Church, Church, Christ, Christ, Clues, Colored, Colorful, Colors, Control, Control, Control, Copies, Copy, Core, Core, Core, Core, Core, Core, Core, Core, Cross, Culture, Cultures

D Trump, DNA, DNA, Days, Delishous, Diversity, Diversity, Doers, Doers, Doers, Doves, Doves, Dream, Dream, Dream, Dudes

Earth, Edge, Edith, Easter, Easy, Edge, Edge, Energy, Ethics, Ethical, Ethical, Equity, Ezekiel

Face, Fact, Facts, Fair Life, Faith, Faith, Faith, Faith, Faith, Family, Family, Family, Father, Favor, Fear,  Fight, Fire, First, For Real, Focus, Focus, Forgiveness, Free, Free, Freedom, From, From, Full Proof

Game, Game, Game, Games, Gandhi, Genius, Gift, Gifted, Gifts, Gifts, Give, Global, Glory, Glory,  Glory, Glory, Goal, God, Gold, Gold, Gospel, Gospel, Grace, Greatest, Grounded, Growing, Guide, Guide, Gull, Guts

Hate, Hatred, Heart, Heart, Heaven, Help, Help, Help, Help, Hillary, Hold On, Honesty, Hope, Hope, Hope, Hope, Huge, Huge   

IBM, I Am, I Know, I Know, Idea, Ideas, Image, Image, Impact, Impact, Infinity, Inseparable, Instinct, Issue, Issue, Issue

J Prince, JAH, JAH, Jewish, Job, Job, Job, Joy, Joy, Just, Just Man, Just Wright, Justice, Justice

Key, Key, Key, King Jr, Kingdom, Knowing

Lables, Lamb, Last, Laughter, Law, Law, Law, Law, Learn, Leaves, Legend, Liar, Liars, Liberty, Liberty, Liberty, Liberty, Liberty, Liberty, Life, Life, Life Lock, Light, Lord, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love

Mammon, Marriage, Mary, Maturity, Me, Means, Meat, Mind, Mind, Mind, Miraculous, Mistakes, Model, Mom, Moms, My Owner

Neighbors, Network, New, New, Now

Obama, Of, Old, Omega, One, One, One, One Love, Opening, Opening, Oprah, Optimum, Order, Order, Order, Original, Original, Our, Our, Our Goal, Own, Owner, Owner

Parent, Parenting, Path, Patience, Paul, Peace, Peace, Peace, Peace, Peace, Peaceful, People, People, Perfect, Peter, Plan, Plan, Point, Point, Points, Police, Positive, Positive, Power, Power, Power, Power, Power, Power, Power, Praise, Prayer, Pride, Preacher, Proof, Proof, Proof, Proof, Program, Programer, Promise, Provides, Pure

Race, Race, Race, Race, Race, Race, Race, Race, Race, Race, Race, Racism, Racist, Rich, Raise, Raise, Rare, Rare, Reading, Reading, Real, Real, Real, Relief, Reality, Reality, Reality, Respect, Rewarding, Rise, Rock, Rolaids, Roles, Roles, Royal, Royalty, Rule, Rule, Rule

Safety, Safety, Salt, Same, Same, Same, School, Seed, Seeds, Setup, Share, Simple, Smart, Smart, Smart, Smartly, Smile, Solid, Solved, Soul, Soul, Soul, Soul, Soul, Soul, Source, Space, Space, Stage, Stand, Stars, Stem, Stem, Stick, Story, Stories, Strong, Strong, Style, Style, Supreme

TD Jakes, TLOW, Tale, Talent, Talk, Talk, Teachers, Team, Team, Testifys, Thanks, The Ball, The Best, The Bible, The Cast, The L Word, The Tale, The Tree, The Tree, The Dream, The Highway, The Power, The Rule, The Star, The World, Theory, Thoughts, Time, Treat, True, True Flow, Trulicity, Trash, Trump, Trust, Truth, Truth, Try, Turn Back

Ultra, Unbeatable, Understanding, Understanding, Unity, Unity, Us, Users

Valentine, Value, Value, Value, View, View, View, View

Walk, Warm, Ways, We, Wealth, Whole, Whole, Whole, Wisdom, Woman, Wonderful, Wool, Words, Words, Words, Words, Words, Words, Words, Words, Words, Words, Work, Work, Workers, Wrong